Max the Curse of Brotherhood

Max the Curse of Brotherhood

I certainly don’t play as many games as I used to. I’ve played everything from Pong and Breakout (Atari 2600), Manic Miner (Spectrum & Commodore 64) up to Bioshock and Uncharted (Drakes Fortune, Among Thieves, Drakes Deception). The last console game I really enjoyed was The Last of Us. My taste in games is more in the adventure and story based line. Sure the likes of Destiny have a story but I’ll leave Joshua to play that. He’s currently on Level 21 by the way.

Microsoft have been bring out some good classic games (although with a little advertising in them). Such as Solitaire, Mahjong, Pinball Fx2 and even Jigsaw. Some of these games are multi-device and sync the players progress in the cloud. The player can stop playing on their mobile and carry on on from their laptop and vice-versa. Which is pretty cool.

When it comes to the free games you can download, you can end up being a little disappointed when they come to a halt and then say you have to pay to get the rest of the game. Well no such thing as a free lunch. But there are some exceptions. Although I have to say I took advantage of a limited offer in the Windows Store for a free copy of Max the Curse of Brotherhood and grabbed it so I could play it later.

It’s a 2.5D side scrolling platformer with a few inventive twists thrown in. Keyboard and mouse are used, with the mouse used for more than point and click. This is were you probably have an advantage over the Xbox player. When you run out of platform to jump on and off from, use Max’s magic marker to draw branches and pull up pillars of rock with the mouse to carry on. As it progresses you have to get inventive and put these and other skills to work together, if you want to go further. A good thinking platform game. It looks and sound extremely nice too.

Good for flexing my problem solving muscle(s) in a fun way. If they haven’t been flexed enough while working during the day sheesh! If the weekends are running a little slow then I jump on my laptop and play Max.

Max the Curse of Brotherhood is available on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and for the Windows PC on Steam.

If you get stuck, or you just fancy seeing what it looks like, you could try the walk through video below which has helped me a couple of times. Normally I watch how the expert gets past the spot I’m on, slap the forehead and say duh! and carry on playing with a smile.

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