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Brian’s Little Emporium Now Open Intro Video

This video is a quick experiment with Lumen5 that generates some very nice videos for you from text you provide and a template selection into something that can grab people’s attention more than just a simple post. The free option has the branding at the end. Which isn’t much of a problem. Worth playing with as it is very quick and easy to use.

It also allows the possibility of going back afterwards and editing each section, if you think you’ve spotted something that could do with that small little tweak. There’s still one I keep seeing so, will have to remember to fix that! 🙂

Try it for yourself at lumen5.

Brian’s Little Emporium Now Open

My new online shop is now open called of course “Brians Little Emporium“. If you’re interested you are welcome to drop me a message with a fair offer. The prices are not set in stone. More items will be added fairly soon.

For now there are a couple of Scary Fairy goth statues. A Universal Movie monster figure collection, as well as a valuable collection of buffalo coins with buffalo statute collectors stand.

Browse the shop here.

Internet Archive Handheld History Collection

The Internet Archive has launched a Handheld History Collection filled with about 60 emulated versions of retro handheld games to take you back to the long car rides of your childhood. Archived games include Tiger Electronics’ Mortal Kombat, Bandai’s Burger Time, and Parker Brothers’ mini tabletop version of Q*bert, all of which can be played directly from your browser. MAME developers have classified over 200 games as “handheld,” so if you don’t see your favorite game on the list, be patient because more games will be added soon.

Archivist Jason Scott outlined the emulation process of LCD, VFD, and LED-based games to MAME, and the thoughtful consideration that goes on behind determining which games need to be preserved for posterity. Though it’s possible to read the chips of a circuit board without destroying the original machine, some LCD games have to be taken completely apart to extract all the information.

Internet Archive Handheld History Collection

Though the physicality of holding and playing games on the plastic hardware makes for the most authentic experience, destroying one handheld so it can be played by future generations online still a necessary sacrifice in order to preserve gaming history. The Handheld History collection is a welcome addition to the Internet Archive’s already excellent lineup of archived games, including MS-DOS and classic console games from Atari and ColecoVision.

Source: The Verge

My comments

Really excited to see one of my all time favourite handhelds here from when I was a kid. No idea what it was called but the colour screen blew me away when I first saw and I spent all the money I had at the time on it. It seems to be called Heiankyo Alien (Gakken). Played it so much it used to send my brain loopy. Some would say the damage was irreversible. See the first attempt at my own little game development attempt for evidence of the earlier statement.