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I’m a senior software developer, working for MSL Property Care Services Ltd, who is passionate about learning new technologies but keeping it real when it comes to business.

Any good developer embraces self improvement & keeping their skills as up to date as possible to stay on top of today’s development requirements. Anything web development related is always of great interest but then most things technology wise are. I have been given many opportunities to be involved in different technologies like mobile development and WordPress and enjoy all of them

Skill set includes: C#, .Net 6, .Net MAUI, Razorpages, ASP.Net MVC, VB.NET, Classic ASP, VB6, HTML, CSS, OOP, C++, C, SQL Server, REST, SOAP. Windows desktop, web & embedded software development. Integration services with Service Now. Currently exploring .Net 6 and MAUI for an interesting project that I will document on this site.

I’m always interested in hearing from you. If you have a question or just something on your mind I can help you with then please get in touch. You can use the contact page or any of the social network buttons.

These days I am most interested in developing in C# and .Net 6 with any form of web development and now also MAUI for mobile as well as possibly desktop development. The idea of that amount of portability in your code base is extremely interesting. I would also like to start working with Blazor. For improved client experiences on web pages and mobile.

This Website

I’ve looked at WordPress for many years thinking, I’m a software developer and as a developer I think of creating websites in HTML, CSS and usually the .Net Framework. From the bare metal up sort of thing. But recently my thoughts have changed. WordPress is not just a blogging platform but is now considered to be an extendable CMS (content management system). It is also more than that. WordPress is often used as a framework for developing custom sites.

This site is my way of seeing what WordPress can do and have some fun at the same time. Not just a showcase of what I can do but more what I enjoy in life. I’m not going to be updating this site on a regular basis, but it’s a great way of seeing how a website can be quickly brought to life and grow when you have a busy life and other more important things to do.

It’s also a good lesson in business. When a company wants a website to have a presence on the web. Do they want to pay for a developer spending days getting the HTML carefully crafted or do they want results in a matter of hours? The answer is simple.

MSL Property Care Service Ltd

My Professional Websites

When you need a website that relies on data from a back end server or is much more interactive then a dedicated bespoke site is probably the answer. That’s what I do day to day. Trying to get WordPress to run the portals that I work on would probably be a nightmare. Certainly not worth the hassle of trying to work around the framework of WP and in the long run would provide much more control. For example the screen shots below is of the Partner Portal. One of many projects I’m responsible for at MSL Property Care Services Ltd in their IT section inSync. An outside company looks after their main MSL site, which is WordPress. We can add posts etc.

The inSync.fm site is something I maintain in between the important projects. It has just been refreshed as a simple scrolling one page product portfolio site. The technology stack is simple. It consists of Bootstrap 5, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Along with the animation library Animate.css as well as some bespoke animations with the shapes at the top of the page. I accomplished that with SVG.js library and my own JavaScript. Some of the mobile layouts still need a little tweaking. It’s a site that I practice some of the cooler and more eye catching techniques that can be found around the internet.

Example SafePartner Portal Dashboard – Demonstration Data Only


Code Project

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