Graffiti Wall Art 2 - Photo by Joshua Jaikens

Art on the Walls or Graffiti – You choose

Joshua has many interesting tastes in art which has done him well for his art and design studies at college. He’s going back to college next week but at a higher level then he expected. His results were very good. Well done Joshua. Before he goes back he has a project to do which involves graffiti and the use of words. So he got me to take him to a particular spot were there are some very good examples. Here are a few of the photos he took. Some of these show real talent and are even done by people Joshua knows.

These are no small canvas’s. The pictures show designs at least 12 foot long. Next to them is one of the busiest roads in Halifax, so they get noticed by a lot of people travelling in and out of Halifax. The amount of work on these can be seen by the number of empty spray paint cans on the ground around them. You have to be careful what you’re standing on.